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Como Jugar Poker

It’s simple to play poker with us. Once you have registered an account and downloaded our software, you’re good to go. Click on our Desktop Icon to login and launch the application to play unlimited U.S. legal online poker 24-7 for the opportunity to win over $100,000 in cash and prizes every month.

Poker is one of the most popular games around. There are almost infinite variations played in homes, casinos and online. We currently feature Texas Hold’em, Royal Hold’em & Video Poker games

Regardless of the game, the steps to playing are the same:
1.Login daily to earn more points
2.Use your points to enter tournaments & win more points, cash and prizes.

About Points
Points are needed to enter and play in most tournaments. All players are awarded Points upon creation of their new account and you’ll receive Points every day that you login to our application. You can win even more Points by playing in tournaments and by participating in our daily Bonus Point activities located under the Get More Points Tab.

Spending Your Points
You can spend your points to enter poker tournaments (in an effort to win more points, cash & prizes) or save your accrued points to move up the Weekly Leader Board to participate in tournaments with bigger payouts and prizes (i.e. Weekly Championship). Every time you gain (or lose) points, your running point total is reflected in your Bankroll.

The Weekly Leader Board
Each week, members can compete amongst each other to win cash, prizes and points. As you gain more points via successful poker play and bonus point activities, you’ll see your name rise on the Leader Board. Your goal is to be listed as one of the top players at the end of each Qualifying Week in order to qualify for and play in that Sunday’s Weekly Championship.

Once the week is finalized (Sunday’s at approximately 6:01 a.m. ET.), the top players are declared then Leader Board is reset to zero and we start all over again. EVERY WEEK BRINGS A THOUSAND REASONS TO PLAY AND A NEW CHANCE TO WIN! See our Weekly Qualifying Schedule for a complete list of Qualifying Date & Times.

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